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Radio Free Albion

Tony Trigilio interviews poets about their recently released or forthcoming books. Always informal, each interview is a conversation—two poets talking about the work and play of the creative process, and showcasing some of the most innovative new work in contemporary poetry.

May 5, 2014

Chad Sweeney is a poet and translator. He is the author of four books of poetry, Wolf's Milk: The Lost Notebooks of Juan Sweeney (Forklift, 2012, bilingual English/Spanish), Parable of Hide and Seek (Alice James, 2010), Arranging the Blaze (Anhinga, 2009), and An Architecture (BlazeVox, 2007). He is the translator (from the Persian, with Mojdeh Marashi) of The Selected Poems of H.E. Sayeh: The Art of Stepping Through Time (White Pine, 2011).  He is the editor of Ghost Town, the online journal of poetry and prose at California State University, San Bernadino, where he teaches in the MFA program in poetry.