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Radio Free Albion

Tony Trigilio interviews poets about their recently released or forthcoming books. Always informal, each interview is a conversation—two poets talking about the work and play of the creative process, and showcasing some of the most innovative new work in contemporary poetry.

Sep 21, 2015

Geoffrey Gatza is an award-winning poet and editor whose most recent book of poetry is Apollo, published in 2014 by BlazeVOX [books].  His books of poetry include Secrets of My Prison House; Kenmore: Poem Unlimited; and House Cat Kung Fu: Strange Poems for Wild Children.  He is also the author of the yearly Thanksgiving Menu-Poem Series, a book length poetic tribute for prominent poets, now in its tenth year. His visual art poems have been displayed in gallery showings such as Occupy the Walls: A Poster Show (AC Gallery, New York); Occupy Wall Street N15 For Ernst Jandl—Minimal Poems with photography from the Fall of Liberty Square; and in Language to Cover a Wall: Visual Poetry Through Its Changing Media (UB Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY).  Gatza is the editor and publisher of the small press BlazeVOX, whose fundamental mission is to disseminate poetry, through print and digital media, both within academic spheres and to society at large.